Sippans Baron Elmo                  

                                                                                                            2008- 10-05






                                                                      BOB three times in a row!


                 Askersund August 9 2009   Judge: Carin Åkesson         Nyköping  Agust 15 2009   Judge: Levente Miklós,Ungern                     



                                                       Norrköping August 16 2009   Judge: Eva Liljekvist Borg





                                                                         BOB puppy  Österbybruk 24/5-2009

                                                        Seven months old  son of  SEUCH DKUCH Tibroke's Space Bandit & Sippans Darling Trix Party Surprise.                        


SEUCH DKUCH Tibroke's Space Bandit  CH Lorac's Kissin' Bandit  CH Tibroke's Fly On The Wall
CH Lorac's Savage Kisses
CH Tibroke's Star Bright CH Loreana Tecee Skamar
CH Tibroke's Calirose Star Search                 
Sippans Darling Trix Party Surprise Barrajy Black Image  Barrajy Devil In Black         
Barrajy Licorice N Lace   
SUCH Sippans Cherry Darling SUCH Bellissimas Endelion
Rozz Cherry Blossom